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Sales: 2000
Type: General type
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Output Power: 2.2KW
Input Voltage: 380V±15%/3PH
Output Frequency: 0~600HZ
Output Current: 5A
Control mode: V/F control, SVC
Min.Order Quantity: 1 pc
Payment Terms: T/T before
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs/month
Port: Shanghai
Display: Digital
Altitude: <1000M
Ambient temp.: -10~45 ℃
Humidity: <95%,no condensation of water droplets
Vibration: <5.9m/second
Certificate: CE
Package: one piece/ctn
Brand: SANYU

50Hz 60Hz 220V/380V vector control AC variable frequency drive, frequency converter

SY5000 Description

Sanyu 50Hz 60Hz 220V/380V vector control AC variable frequency drive, frequency converter, excellent performance ,strong powerful ,stable quality ,sophisticated technology,The design fully consider the user demand , wide application scope .

Product Top Features
Input/Output voltage characteristic
Output frequency range: Low frequency:0~300Hz; High frequency: 0-1000Hz
Input voltage range:AC220V±15% ,AC380V±15%

Functional Characteristic
2 channels Analog input AI1:0~10V or 4~20mA with flexibly setting

2 channels Analog output 0~10V or 4~20mA choice.

General control
Speed control precision ±002Max Speed
Open-loop vector: 0.05hz can output 180% rated torque
V/F1:100 , Open-loop vector1:200
Technical Feature
Instantaneous power failure does not stop function
Rotating motor to realize no impact smooth starting
The function of user save parameters group and keyboard copy
16 segment programmable multi-velocity control

Built in PID controller,S type and Linear tye mode for choice of ACC. and DEC.

Sanyu 50Hz 60Hz 220V/380V vector control AC varialbe frequency drive, frequency converter detailed parameters
InputRated Voltage, Frequency3-phase(4T#sereis)380V;50/60HZ
Allowed Voltage Range3-phase(4T#series)320V~460V
OutputVoltage4T#series; 0~460V
2S#series; 0~260V
frequencyLow frequency mode: 0~300HZ ; High frequency mode: 0~3000HZ
Overload CapacityG type: 110% for long-term, 150% for 1 min, 180% for 5s
P type: 105% for long-term, 120% for 1 min, 150% for 1s
Control ModeV/F control, advanced V/F control, V/F separation control, electric current vector control
Control CharacterFrequency Setting ResolutionAnalog Input0.1% of maximum output frequency
Digital Setting0.01 Hz
Frequency PrecisionAnalog InputWithin 0.2% of maximum output frequency
Digital SettingWithin 0.01% of set output frequency
V/F ControlV/F Curve (voltage frequency character)Reference frequency setting 5~600 Hz, multipoint V/F curve setting, or fixed curve of constant torque, low decreasing torque 1, low decreasing torque 2, square torque
Torque CompensationManual setting: 0.0~30% of rated output
Automatic compensation: according to output current and motor parameter
Automatic Current-limiting and Voltage-limitingDuring acceleration, deceleration or steady running, detect automatically the current and voltage of motor stator, and control it within bounds based on unique algorithm, minimize fault-trip chance
Senseless Vector ControlVoltage Frequency CharacterAdjust pressure/frequency ratio according to motor parameter and unique algorithm
Torque CharacterStarting torque:
3.0 Hz 150% rated torque (VF control)
0.5 Hz 180% rated torque (SVC, FVC)
0.05 Hz 180% rated torque (VC)
Operating speed precision in steady state: ≤±0.5% rated synchronous speed
Torque response: ≤50ms VC, SVC, FVC ≤20ms
Motor Parameter Self-measurementBeing able to detect parameter automatically under static state and dynamic state of motor, thus guarantee an optimum control.
Current and Voltage RestrainCurrent closed-loop control, free from current impact, perfect restrain function of overcurrent and overvoltage
Undervoltage Restrain during RunningSpecially for users with a low or unsteady voltage power grid: even lower than the allowable voltage range, the system can maintain the longest possible operating time based on its unique algorithm and residual energy allocation strategy
Typical functionMulti-velocity and Traverse Operation16 segments programmable multi-velocity control, multiple operation mode. Traverse operation: preset frequency and center frequency adjustable, parameter memory and recovery after power cut.
PID Control RS485 CommunicationBuilt-in PID controller (able to preset frequency). Standard configuration RS485 communication function, multiple communication protocol for choice, synchronizing control function.
Frequency SettingAnalog InputDirect voltage 0~10V, direct current 0~20mA (optional up limit and lower limit)
Digital InputOperation panel setting, RS485 port setting, UP/DW terminal control, or combined with analog input
Output SignalDigital Input2 channel OC output and one channel relay output (TA, TB, TC), up to 16 choices
Analog Input2 channel analog signal output, output ranging within 0~20mA or 0~10V with flexibly setting, achievable output of physical quantities like set frequency, output frequency
Automatic Steady-voltage OperationDynamic steady state, static steady state, and unsteady voltage for choices to obtain the steadiest operation
Acceleration and Deceleration Time Setting0.1s~3600min continuous setting, S type and linear type mode for choice
BrakeDynamic BrakingDynamic braking initial voltage, backlash voltage and dynamic braking continuous adjustable
DC BrakingHalt DC braking initial frequency: 0.00~[F0.16] upper limit frequency
Braking time: 0.0~100.0s;
Braking current: 0.0%~150.0% of rated current
Flux Restraint0~100   0: invalid
Low Noise RunningCarrier frequency 1.0kHz~16.0kHz continuous adjustable, minimize motor noise
Speed Tracking and Restart FunctionSmooth restart during operation, instantaneous stop and restart
CounterA built-in counter, facilitate system integration
Operation FunctionUpper limit and lower limit frequency setting, frequency hopping operation, reversal running restraint, slip frequency compensation, RS485 communication, frequency control of progressive increase and decrease, failure recovery automatically, etc.
DisplayOperation Panel DisplayRunning   StateOutput frequency, output current, output voltage, motor speed, set frequency, module temperature, PID setting, feedback, analog input and output.
AlarmThe latest 6 faults record; running parameters record when the latest fault tripping happens including output frequency, set frequency, output current, output voltage, DC voltage4 and module temperature.
Protective FunctionOvercurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, module fault, electric thermal relay, overheat, short circuit, default phase of input and output, motor parameter adjustment abnormality, internal memory fault, etc.
EnvironmentAmbient Temperature-10℃~+40℃ (please run the VFD in derated capacity when ambient temperature is 40℃~50℃)
Ambient Humidity5%~95%RH, without condensing drops
SurroundingsIndoors (without direct sunlight, corrosive or flammable gas, oil fog and dust)


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