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Aluminum resistor, Aluminum shell resistor,60W-2000W

Sales: 2000
Type: General type
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Payment Terms: T/T,LC
Vibration: <5.9m/second
Certificate: CE
Package: one piece/ctn
Brand: SANYU

Product Overview

RXLG series aluminum case wound resistor adopts aluminum alloy case with beautiful appearance. The resistor has weather resistance, vibration resistance and safety superior to traditional ceramic skeleton resistor. RXLG resistor is a kind of high temperature resistant silicone resin and silicon powder as the basic material package of power wound resistor.

■ Product application

As a braking resistor, the inverter, servo, etc. are protected from the harm of the regenerative electric energy of the motor

As resistive load in power electronic load test

As sampling resistance, current limiting resistance, starting resistance and protection resistance in power electronic equipment

■ Technical specifications

Resistance value and variation range; 1Ω≤R±5%(J)1Ω>R±10%(K)”

Temperature coefficient; R > 20 Ω, ± 260PPM℃ R ≤ 20 Ω, ± 400PPM/℃ Test at - 25 ℃~200 ℃

Rated load; Surface temperature ≤ 375 ℃ on 300 * 300 * 3mm aluminum plate

Short time overload; △ R ≤± (2% R + 0.05 Ω) No abnormality 10 times of rated voltage under the same environment, 5 seconds

Insulation resistance; R ≥ 100M Ω, no abnormal DC 1000V for 1min, and the insulation resistance between the welding lug and the shell is required to be greater than or equal to 100M Ω

Withstand voltage; △ R ≤± (0.1% R + 0.05 Ω) No abnormality, no damage AC 3000V 5s between the pad and the shell

Terminal strength; No looseness, no abnormality, 100N force is applied to the lead out direction of the welding pad, 30 seconds

Vibration resistance; No visible damage, △ R ≤± (0.1% R + 0.05 Ω) f; 10-55Hz a=1.5g X Y Z 2h each

Heat resistance; There is no obvious discoloration and damage except for the terminal, and the mark is clear and heated to 350 ± 5 ℃ for 120 ± 5 minutes

Thermal shock; △ R ≤± (2% R + 0.05 Ω) No abnormal rated voltage for 30 minutes

At room temperature, place it at - 40 ± 2 ℃ for 8-12 seconds, 15+5 minutes, and then place it at room temperature for 2 hours

Moisture resistance; No visible damage, clear signs, △ R ≤± (3% R + 0.05 Ω) insulation resistance ≥ R ≥ 25M Ω DC voltage 100V 40 ± 2 ℃ relative humidity 90-95%, open for 60 minutes, close for 30 minutes, lasting for 500+24 hours

Load life; No visible damage, clear signs, △ R ≤± (5% R + 0.05 Ω) placed on 300 * 300 * 3mm aluminum plate at 20 ± 7 ℃, rated DC voltage, 90 minutes on, 30 minutes off, 500+24 hours circulation

■ Executive Standards


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