440V 24025 series filters
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440V 24025 series filters

Sales: 2000
Type: General type
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Input Voltage: 440/250 VAC
Output Current: 10A-600A
Port: Shanghai
Ambient temp.: -25~+100 ℃
Brand: Sanyu

Product Overview

1、Reduce the conducted interference of the whole system to the power grid

2、Excellent insertion attenuation performance in the range of 150kHz~30MHz

3、Compact design, optimized industrial design

4、The incoming line of the system is equipped with this series of filters, which can improve the reliability of the whole system

5、N99 refers to copper bar connector, and others refer to terminals

technical parameter

Rated voltage: 440/250VAC

Operating frequency: 50Hz

Rated current: 10A~600A (@ 50 ℃)

High voltage test: P-E 2100VDC/2sec P-P 2100VDC/2sec

Temperature range: - 25 ℃~100 ℃ (25/100/21)

Design basis: IEC/EN 60939 UL1283

Typical filtering frequency: 150KHz~30MHz

Typical Applications

Mainly used in industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools and other automatic control of three-phase four wire power system. Due to excellent performance attenuation, this series of filters is also the first choice for noisy power supplies, which are used for renewable energy, high-power office equipment and other three-phase four wire equipment. Because of the relatively low leakage current, this series of filters can even be used in some medical devices.

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