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SY6600 Single Phase VFD
Sales: 1000
Type: General type
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China
Output Power: 1.5kw
Input Voltage: 380V±15%/3PH
Output Frequency: 0-600Hz
Output Current: 7A
Control mode: V/F control
Min.Order Quantity: 1piece
Payment Terms: T/T before
Supply Ability: 1000pieces/month
Port: Shanghai
Display: LED
Altitude: <1000M
Ambient temp.: -10℃~40℃
Humidity: <95%,no condensation of water droplets
Vibration: <5.9m/second
Certificate: CE
Package: one piece/ctn
Brand: Sanyu

SY6600 Series AC Motor Drive is a vector-control general inverter that is independently researched, developed, and produced by Sanyu Industry, with the features of high quality, multi-function, large low-frequency torque, ultra silencing, etc.. It realizes the fast response of torque, strong load adaptability, stable operation, high accuracy, perfect reliability, and improves the power factor and efficiency to the largest extent.

SY8000 Series inverter provides the automatic parameter tuning, zero-servo non-speed sensor, shift between vector control and V/F control, perfect user's password protection, shortcut menu design, rotation speed tracing, built-in PID controller, given and feedback signal disconnection monitoring and switchover, load-loss protection, fault signal tracing, automatic restart against fault, built-in braking unit, 25 fault protections, fault monitoring, abundant I/O terminals, various speed setting ways. automatic voltage adjustment, wobble frequency control, and multi-speed control, it can meet the various loads' requirements of driving control. The background adjustment and monitoring software can monitor the operation through the built-in standard RS485 interface; MODBUS protocol and expansion card can be compatible with Profibus, DeviceNet, and CANopen.

Detailed specification list of SY6600 1 phase 220V AC Motor Drive.

InputRated voltage: frequency220V: 50Hz/60Hz

Allowed voltage working rangeFluctuation range: :≤±1 5 %;Voltage imbalance rate:<3%
OutputRated voltage0~220V
Frequency0~600 Hz
Overload capacityType G: 150% of rated current for 60s; 180% of rated current for 1s; 200% of rated current instant protection;
Type P: 120% of rated current for 60s; 150% of rated current for 1s; 180% of rated current instant protection
Main control   performanceControl modeV/F control, Magnetic flux vector control, Non-PG current vector control
Modulation modeSpace voltage vector PWM modulation
Speed regulation range1:100 (vector control without PG)
Starting torque150% of rated torque at 2.0 Hz (Magnetic flux vector control,)
180% of rated torque at 0.5 Hz (current vector control without PG)
Speed stabilization   accuracy≤±0.2% of rated synchronous speed
Speed fluctuation≤±0.5% of rated synchronous speed
Torque response≤100ms current vector control without PG
Torque control Supporting torque control under vector control mode without PG with the torque control accuracy of ±5%
Resolution of input frequencyDigital setting: 0.01Hz
Analog setting: Max frequency ×0.05%
Torque increaseAutomatic torque increase, manual torque increase 0.1%~30.0%
V/F curve Six modes: One kind of user setting V/F curve, four kinds of decrease torque characteristic curve (2.0 power, 1.7 power, 1.5 power, 1.3 power) and linearity curve
Acc/De curveThree modes: Straight-line acceleration and decoration mode, S-curve acceleration and decoration mode, shortest acceleration and decoration mode; four kinds of acceleration and decoration time: time unit (minute/second) selected; longest time: 60 hours
DC brakeDC braking frequency: 0.0Hz~max output frequency; braking time: 0.0~50.0s; braking current: 0.0%~150.0% of rated current
Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)When the network voltage makes the change, it can automatically keep the output voltage constant.
Automatic current limitingIt can automatically limit current during working to prevent tripping caused by frequent over current.
Voltage stallControl the voltage during deceleration to prevent over voltage and protect stopping.
Automatic carrier regulationIt can automatically regulate carrier frequency according to load characteristic and temperature characteristic; and multiple carrier modes can be selected.

Wobble frequency control for spinningWobble frequency control for spinning can realize functions of fixed wobble frequency and change wobble frequency
Frequency combination functionRunning command channel and frequency setting channel can be optionally combined.
Fixed length functionLength achieves stop function and the max length is 65.535 KM.
Jogging controlJogging frequency range: 0.00Hz-the Max; jogging acceleration and deceleration time: 0.1-3600.0s,jogging interval time:0.1-3600.0s
Multi-speed running Realizing multi-speed running via built-in PLC or control terminal
Built-in process closed loop controlRealizing the process closed loop control system conveniently
Electric quantity calculationIt can calculate electric energy consumed by electric motor to observe energy-saving effect conveniently.
Running functionRunning command channelOperation panel, control terminal, serial port, external expansion setting can be shifted via various methods.
Frequency setting channelThree kinds of digital settings, analog voltage setting, analog current setting,   pulse setting, terminal combination setting, multi-segment speed setting and so on
Auxiliary frequency settingRealizing flexible auxiliary frequency fine regulation, frequency synthesis
Impulse output terminal0~50kHz of impulse square signal output, it can realize physical quantity output of setting frequency, output frequency and so on.
Analog output terminal Two routes of analog signal output, output range can be flexibly set between 0~20mA or 0~10V and it can realize physical quantity output of setting frequency, output frequency and so on.
LED displayDisplaying sixty-one kinds of parameters of setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage and output current and the like.
LCD displayNO
Parameter copy NO
Option of key function Defining function range of part keys to prevent wrongly operating
Protection functionOpen-phase protection (option), over-current protection, over-voltage protection, low-voltage protection, overheat protection, overload protection and off-load protection, etc.

EnvironmentService LocationIndoors, free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil mist, water vapor, drip or salt, etc.
AltitudePlease use it by derating when it is higher than 1.000m and derated 10% per increasing 1000m.
Ambient temp.-10℃~+ 40℃(at 40℃~50℃,please use it by derating)
HumidityLess than 95% RH, no water condensation.
VibrationLess than 5.9 n/s²( 0.6g )
Storage temp.-40℃~ +70℃
StructureProtection level IP20
Cooling methodWind cooling, control with fans

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